Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 12

Posted by Label56 in November A 2014 | Radio

F*ck the mainstream, this is Indie Radio!! Label 56 Indie Radio specializes in bringing you music from bands that mainstream radio refuses to play. In today`s show we do a promo for the new Wellington Arms cd as well as play some good rock, death metal, black metal and more. Check our website at for more info

01. Wellington Arms- I Hear The Lions Roar (Buy Here) (Shirts & Hoodies)
02. Wits Dead End- Famous Last Words (Buy Here)
03. Brokk/ Enharjana- Ristat I Sten (Buy Here)
04. Empire Falls- Iron Fist (Buy Here)
05. Global Infected- Greedy Eye (Bye Here)
06. Sokyra Peruna- Punch Distance (Buy Here)
07. System Infarkt- Chaos (Buy Here)
08. AMBS- Bad Mongo (Buy Here)
09. Ad Hominem- Ritual Of The Depraved (Buy Here)
10. Seges Findere- Repulsing Episcopal Sodomites (Buy Here)
11. Pushing Onwards- Nature Is Fighting Back (Buy Here) (Shirts Here)
12. Moshpit- Phoenix (Buy Here)
13. White Devils- Those Times Are Gone (Buy Here)
14. Hunting Season- Against My Will (Buy Here)
15. Brainwash- Glorious Soldiers (Buy Here)
16. Terrorsphara- Plutokratie (Buy Here)
17. Spear Of Longinus (Buy Here)

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