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The internet is a great resource for just about any kind of info you want on anything and for many it has become second nature to just sit and read online. Over the past 2 years or so it has pretty much become my sole source for reading band interviews, cd reviews, etc. This past weekend I received in the mail a copy of  Skinhead Magazine and it really brought back a nostalgia feeling. It may sound weird but holding an actual magazine in my hand and flipping through the pages was really cool. I have seen promos for previous editions of Skinhead Mag posted online for awhile but this was my first time actually reading it. This is a very nice mag out of Spain and is printed in two versions- Spanish and English. Because of  troubles with translation the English version is noted to be smaller than the Spanish. I don`t know how many pages the Spanish version is but the English is 25 including front and back cover. Also note that the English version is not lost in translation, it is translated very well and is easy to read and understand.

The copy I received is their new issue, #11. As mentioned it is 25 pages printed in black and white aside from the front and back cover in color. It is also laid out very nice. It starts with a short intro and editorial and then gets into several interviews, cd reviews, and various political news. This particular issue features interviews with Jan Peter from Germany as well as Filopatria and Pride & Pain from Greece. The interviews are excellent, with very professional and educated questions and answers. In between the interviews there is a short article on some unemployed Spanish citizens who are staging a hunger strike outside of the Ministry of Labor. As these men have lost their jobs and houses, they have staged a hunger strike to protest that Spanish jobs and social assistance are going to immigrants. This protest has apparently been blocked out of the Spanish news agencies. Finally, three pages of well constructed cd reviews finish off this issue.

I thank the guys at Skinhead Magazine for sending me this issue and I will be subscribing to it. If you are interested in a copy you can contact them at and if anyone else out there has a print magazine please contact me at I`d love to check it out


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