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A few days ago I heard a story about a woman from UCLA that made a “racist” video (Yes this is top news in America).  I didn`t really pay much attention to it because in America today anything and everything Whites do is “racist”. Browsing through The Political Cesspool Blog this morning I saw the story posted and took the time to read more about it and it infuriated me on many different levels. Like so many in the PC crowd (who only condemn “racism” by Whites) I wasn`t infuriated by the video she made, it was the subsequent attacks against her… including death threats. . She has since dropped out of UCLA and many are saying that she has possibly ruined her future hopes of work, modeling, and even getting into another college. My question is- Where is the support from our people!? Where are the support Alexandra Wallace facebook pages, blogs, etc.? Where are the colleges offering her admission? Where are the employers offering her jobs? A few years ago when a black college women falsely accused white lacrosse players of raping her she was offered protection from the Black Panthers. Why aren`t our people standing up for her, offering her protection, picketing the college for allowing such hatred and violent threats against her, etc etc?

The video she made is posted below. I ask you to watch it and see if any of it warrants the abuse she has subsequently received. I find it disgusting that we have allowed the left so much power that they are allowed to attack and ruin anyone who doesn`t agree with their agenda. I`m sure they are creaming their pants knowing that they can pick on a young blonde haired blue eyed white woman for making a statement they don`t like. This is what they want to do to our people as a whole… and this is what will happen when we don`t look after our own. We need to quit apologizing and cowering down. We need to stand up for our people, our ideals, and defend our culture and heritage. We at Label 56 offer our support to Ms Wallace, not for the video she made, but for the sick fact that she is being sacrificed on the altar of American diversity.

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2 comments on “Support Alexandra Wallace

  1. Danielle Reid on said:


    I am soo happy you posted this.
    I am in full support of her and the video
    I did not think it was racist at all, I am an AMERICAN and I agree with a lot of what she had to say in the video about people learning how to conduct themselves in public places.

    I wrote nice things about her on the fb like page of hers and immediately asian racists were attacking me.

    You are so right on how once Americans say anything people jump on like hot cakes but these immigrants and other groups are allowed to say whatever they want with impunity

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