A3P Addresses Charm City St Patty`s Show

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American Third Position National Coordinator Charles Dickenson delivered an inspiring address to the attendees of a belated St. Patrick’s Day musical celebration in Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend.

The family friendly half-day affair was organized and sponsored by Label 56 and featured several acts that performed traditional folk music in acoustic and electric formats to the enjoyment of the scores of attendees.

In addition to Mr. Dickenson, several other A3P members were also in attendance,  including A3P New Jersey State Chairmen Alex Carmichael and A3P Pennsylvania State Chairman Steve Smith.

Here is brief excerpt of the speech delivered by Mr. Dickenson:

Everyone this evening is here to celebrate part of our heritage as well as socialize and network with people who think like us and hold the same desire to preserve our culture, our values, and our people.

Events like this one are critical to our preservation as a people as well as to the preservation of our traditions, but they are only one part of the solution and cannot accomplish the task without support from other fronts.

We not only need show strong support for our people on the cultural end of things, we need to become politically active and show support to others with the same goals in mind.  Otherwise, we have little chance of making an impact or even making the slightest change.

That is where the American Third Position comes in.  The American Third Position is a political organization that exists for the political interests of White Americans – because no one else will.

It may sound silly to some people that we have to actually come out and say we need political representation.  But as most people in the audience tonight know, we as a people have been nearly completely removed from the political process.

Our interests are no longer being represented by the people that we put into office.  Most may look like us and be Americans in name, but the bottom line is that they DO NOT think like us nor do they act with our best interest in mind.  As a matter of fact they don’t like the way we think at all and will do everything in their ever increasing power to silence us.

The sad state of affairs in this nation has been ongoing for decades, while we have diligently fulfilled our societal and family obligations by working hard, paying our taxes, and doing our part to no avail.

We placed our faith in the system and the people we elected to be our representatives.  The way it currently stands, we are working and paying for our own displacement and eventual elimination.

The American Third Position is part of the solution to these issues.  We support political action on the local level to bring about positive change for our people.

It is our philosophy that local politicians and offices have the most direct influence on the people they govern so we dedicate our resources to exert influence locally, where people notice it in their daily lives.

Mr. Dickenson continued to discuss the various activities and achievements of the American Third Position over the last year, such as national literature distributions, participation in several local political campaigns, and the holding of various regional meetings and conferences.

The speech was well received by the crowd and has since generated a great deal of interest on the part of attendees concerning how they can involve themselves in the party’s effort.

After the performances, Mr. Dickenson, Alex Carmichael, and Steve Smith were available to discuss party policies and to answer any questions that people had regarding the American Third Position.

After the show Mr. Dickenson said, “Tonight’s event is positive proof that we can turn things around for our people in this country.  The reception of A3P’s message was very reassuring, indeed.”

“Cultural events such as tonight’s, and so many others spearheaded with the same quality leadership exhibited by this event’s organizers, coupled with the political drive of the American Third Position, is a recipe for the success of our people”, continued Mr. Dickenson.

“Together we can win.”

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