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Society is sick. It`s pretty evident to anyone who has not become poisoned by it. I see it every day. Normally I just go about my business but from time to time it really gets to me seeing people with potential throw their lives away. When I was younger I was a huge fan of the band Blood For Blood. In fact I always said that they weren`t a band, they were an attitude. It was the world we lived in- the dead end roads, the wasted youth, the hatred and rejection of society that existed in us all. If their lyrics didn`t apply to you then you didn`t truly get it. Myself, I totally related to their lyrics because I was caught up in that mindset when I was younger. I felt lost without a path, nowhere to go, and I lived my life with people who basically had no real direction either.

In society today it`s so easy to go down that dead end road. It`s like driving and missing a turn, you don`t even realize you`re on the wrong road. You just keep going down it further and further getting more and more lost until finally you realize you have to stop, back up and find where you made that wrong turn. Once you back up and look at it you will see the road does have many intersections that will lead to all kinds of different outcomes, you just need to shift gears and be strong enough mentally to go down it. Poisoning your mind and body and having a self-defeatist attitude wrecks that ability. Today I can look down that dead end road and still see many people I used to know sitting there lost, controlled by addiction, etc. I am glad I am not with them.

This article is not in any way an attempt to denigrate Blood For Blood, I still love their music, it is where I came from. I totally understand their message of being “white trash”. We are the expendable population of society. For the elite we are simply here to produce and consume and be thrown away afterwards. They do not want us to succeed and interfere with their agenda. They want to keep us feeling hopeless and defeated, to turn to drugs and self-destructive lifestyles. I understand the band is just relaying their experiences living life on that dead end road, I was there at one time, but there is another road you can take. Today I am on that new road. I still hate what large portions of society has become, but now my hatred and rejection is in the middle. I hate those that seek to destroy us, and I hate seeing people throw their lives away by feeding into it and perpetuating it. I have traded the mindset of lyrics like Blood For Blood`s for those that promote a positive “hate” such as those below. This is not a hatred that lashes out against anyone or causes destructive behavior, it is a fire that burns inside, that makes you want to rise above and be the best you can be, to spit in the face of all that tries to hold you down. The lyrics are from Teardown`s song Rejected. Likewise with BFB their focus is on the rejection of society, but they do so by encouraging us to better ourselves and reject the ills of society that are used to enslave us. I have heard the founder of Teardown say many times that the key to victory is through introverted improvement and he is exactly right. You really want to spit in societies face? Quit playing into their world, make something of yourself and prove them wrong. Never fucking Surrender!

~Rick 56~


I`m crawling no more, I`ve rejected your world
I`ve rejected your drugs, Pulled my head from the sand
Gonna stand tall, Gonna rise above all
And never succumb to your mindless ways
Moderation never worked for me
I`ve gotta push everything I see
I can`t quit living and I can`t quit caring
About where I fit in and the world around me
I will strive for victory over your world, you`re useless way of life
Reject the base and persevere
Never give in to this self made strife
I won`t live like that, I won`t live like you
Find the inner strength to remain fucking true
I`ve tried your way I can`t live like that
I`ve gotta make something of myself
Fucked up time with a fucked up mind, gives no satisfaction in my life
You`re a waste so I won`t waste my breath
It makes it worse because you know what`s right
You don`t care the world`s falling apart
You won`t fight, defeated from the start
Honor and duty have no place in your life, in your selfish heart
I`ve rejected all you have done
Determined to overcome, I`ve fucking won!
Remain True

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