Risk: Godstorm

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I`ll be picking up a copy of this game. It looks pretty neat
Risk: Godstorm


Who will rule the Ancient Earth — and Beyond?

Enter a time of myths and legends. Enter the world of Risk Godstorm, where ancient faiths and fears rule. Battle across the Earth and the dark regions below. Harness spiritual forces to strike with devastating power. Command five ancient cultures — Greek, Celtic, Babylonian, Norse, and Egyptian — in a continent-spanning battle that will determine whose civilization reigns supreme. Rest assured, the gods will not sit idle in this war.

* Who will rule the Ancient Earth-and beyond? Enter a time of myths and legends. Enter a world of RISK Godstorm, where ancient faiths and fears rule.
* The game is for 2 to 5 players who use legendary gods from 5 ancient cultures to determine who will reign supreme. It is a new, stand-alone Risk extension with mythology theme.
* Includes 382 playing pieces – featuring the gods of WAR, SKY, DEATH, and MAGIC.
* Battle in the Underworld! Sink Atlantis! The game of Earthly Domination and Beyond! The Classic Game of Risk takes on mythical proportions!

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