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is an Independent distro and label based out of Maryland. We offer hundreds of titles in our catalog by artists of all genres, many of which are Independent releases that you may not be familiar with. It is our goal to bring to the forefront music that is ignored by the corporate owned record labels, radio stations, magazines, and television.

Our slogan “Independent Music For Independent Minds” is based on that goal. We want you to enjoy music for what it is and not because some radio station says you should. So have a look around our website and check out the mp3′s. Hopefully you will find something you enjoy. Many of the CD’s we stock are limited and international releases by Independent labels and bands, so if you see something you are interested in grab it up, it may not be here tomorrow.

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Arysan 2- This Is 1984

Arysan 2- This Is 1984


The new album from Arysan is out now. This is a project from Jesse of Deaths Head. This follow up to the first Arysan cd and takes a new direction and is a concept album based around George Orwelll`s book 1984. The music is an electro industrial style with various related sound samples. This is a…

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Register To Vote

Register To Vote

Register To Vote No matter what you think of the candidates this election there is a very important issue that’s not coming up that should receive more. It’s the vacancy on the supreme court and that the next president will fill it. Their rulings circumvent the constitution based on their personal opinions. If Hillary gets in you can rest assured she will appoint someone who will be ultra liberal and those appointments are lifetime. There’s no voting them in or out. For example, the majority of liberals are against personal gun ownership so you can have no doubt they will rule against the 2nd amendment and keep restricting gun rights whenever it comes up. This thought should be in your [...]

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